We have supplied and repaired more than 2000 transformers and our valued range of satisfied customers include state electricity boards like MSEB, PWD, IRRIGATION, RAILWAYS, MUNICIPLE CORPORATION &. Various Govt. organizations & Govt. Contractors etc., and a large number of organizations in the private sector Listed as below:-

Sr.No Name Of Customer Place T/ F Provided Remark
1 M/s. Aishwarya Constructions Lasalgaon 500KVA
2 M/s. Ashoka Infraways Ltd Nashik 315KVA 3 Star
3 M/s. B.G. Shirke Constructions P. Ltd Pune 200KVA
4 M/s. Dales Allianze Corporation Dhule 100KVA
5 M/s. Glitter Metal P. Ltd Dhule 1500KVA
6 M/s. Karda Construction Pvt. Ltd Nashik 630KVA, 315KVA
7 M/s. Koyana Engineering P. Ltd Nashik 200KVA
8 M/s. Nirman Developers Nashik 315KVA 3 Star
9 M/s. Indian Oil corporation Sinnar 63KVA- 3 Star
10 M/s. New Quality Electrical Sinnar 100KVA- 3 Star
11 M/s. Rajlaxmi Textiles Malegaon 100KVA
12 M/s. Reliable Power Consultancy Nashik 315KVA 3 Star
13 M/s. Resonant Enterprises Nashik 200KVA
14 M/s. The Gatway Hotel ( Taj Group) Nashik 500KVA
15 M/s. Shilpa Construction , Mr. Jayesh Thakkar Nashik 100KVA
16 M/s. Vidisha electrical Nagpur 100KVA
17 M/s. Samveel Power Infrastructure Dhule 200KVA
18 M/s. Prowill Pharmaceuticals Ltd South Korea 250KVA Export to South Korea
19 M/s. Vilholi Waste Management system P Ltd Nashik 500KVA Nashik Municiple Corp. Project
20 M/s. Satyam Hills Nashik 315KVA
21 M/s. Reliance Infocom Ltd Sinnar site 25KVA
22 M/s. Ram Reality Igatpuri 315KVA 3 Star
23 M/s. Dharma Chakra Prabha Tirth- Jain Mandir Vilholi, Nashik 200KVA
24 M/s. Bhupendra Singh Rekhi Igatpuri 315KVA 3 Star
25 M/s. The Commissioner, Nashik Municiple corp. Anandwalli, Nashik 500KVA Nashik Municiple

We are in the approved vendor’s list of Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co.Ltd., PWD, RAILWAYS & IRRIGATION for the supply of transformers up to 1250KVA.